Chrome goes Linux

This is my first article in this blog, but I hope many more will follow – Chrome and Vinci is a great experience for me, and I really would like to share this experience with as many of you as possible.

I have been developing Linux server applications with Kylix, but after this product died, I was at a loss how to continue. But soon the Mono project caught my eye, and after my first lines written in Chrome, I knew what to do…

As Delphi still does not support .NET 2.0 yet, a few weeks ago I decided to leave behind my .NET 1.1 tries with Delphi and concentrate on Chrome as my main development language. Coming from Delphi’s Object Pascal, the first steps with Chrome are taken quickly, and the additional power of full-blown .NET support is great to discover deeper areas…

What attracts me additionally is the ability to create RemObjects SDK servers for Linux, written in Chrome, running on Mono. My first small Linux Data Abstract server is already up and running, and I am currently working on an ASP .NET web application, acting as a Data Abstract client. All this stuff is currently running very well, and I am looking forward to every minute I can spend on this project. It’s not only great technology – it’s pure fun!