CS2PAS 0.2

Just uploaded CS2PAS 0.2, this release should be able to do a conversion of the most common C# constructs. Download


  • 36: Bad conversion of array typed variable
    • 37: Error during processing: Index was out of range.
    • 40: Char constants declared like ‘\x1A’ cannot be converted
    • 39: this. keyword is not converted to self.
    • 30: && and || operators should automatically add parenthesis
    • 29: simple “if (x) return” gets way to verbose
    • 42: Class marked as internal is left using the internal keyword
    • 31: DO for while, with and the others should do a space first
    • 25: constructors get emitted with class name, in decl
    • 24: “protected” gets translates as “assembly or protected”
    • 26: inherited calls dont lose the dot
    • 28: switch statement gets converted badly

Carlo Kok

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