Android resources

For those Pascal programmers looking at building Android applications, be it with Delphi XE5 or with Oxygene for Java (I work with both!), here are a »

Android game loops

I’ve been porting some of the Android SDK samples from their original Java over to Oxygene for Java, with the hope they’ll be included »

Retro effects with Android

A few weeks back I was browsing Paweł Głowacki’s blog and saw his write-up on implementing both a parallax starfield as well as a 3D »

Wireless Android Control

I’ve bumped into a couple of wireless Android control apps lately, one targeted at developers and one targeted at users. The two apps rely on »

Jan 2012 Release of Oxygene

On 27th January RemObjects released their first update to their Oxygene 5 products, Oxygene for .NET (aka Delphi Prism, aka Prism) and Oxygene for Java (aka »

Android Design site

For all those working in Android development you should head along to the new Android Design web site. This new area on the Android developer’s »