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Use Oxygene in the 2nd PGD Challenge

March 22, 2012 in .NET, Elements, Java, Oxygene, short

The 2nd Pascal Game Development challenge was officially announced, and Oxygene for .NET (AKA Prism) and Oxygene for Java are both listed as “Key Tools” and “Allowed Languages“. If you are using Oxygene for Java, you might want to take a look at the JMonkey Engine video on RemObjects TV back from when we were still calling it “Cooper”.

As an added bonus, if your game is powered by Oxygene, we will provide you with a complementary Oxygene for Java license.

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Welcome Guest Blogger Brian Long!

January 5, 2012 in short

We’re happy to announce that as of today, the Oxygene for Java sub-feed of Brian Long‘s blog “It’s a blong, blong, blong road…” will be syndicated on Brian has lots of great posts already, and more are coming. Happy reading!

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Full Screen for Adium

October 21, 2011 in short

This is what happens when marc gets bored at 2AM: a plugin to enable fullscreen mode in Adium. trivial. rough. kills puppies. works. Precompiled download and source (git) on

The most work, really, was finding my way around the Adium APIs; the actual code is laughably trivial.

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Here’s to the Crazy Ones

October 6, 2011 in short, Uncategorized

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Server Explorer for Mac

September 30, 2011 in Data Abstract, Mac, short, Xcode

Update: The .935 update for Server Explorer for Mac has been approved and is now available on the Mac App Store, as well.

Android and Windows Phone 7 Development

September 3, 2011 in .NET, Android, Elements, Oxygene, short, Windows Phone

Oxygene 5 unlocks native mobile phone app development. Oxygene for .NET / Embarcadero Prism XE2 supports building applications for Windows Phone 7, and Oxygene for Java (FKA Project “Cooper”) supports building native applications for Android tablets and phones. I’ve put together videos and primers on both of these platforms. The Windows Phone 7 video is online, and the Android video will be online next week, but you can check out the Android Primer today.

If you pre-order Oxygene for Java now, you get access to the beta today. You can also order the Oxygene bundle and get Embarcadero Prism XE2 (powered by Oxygene for .NET) today, and pre-order Oxygene for Java.

Look for more coverage on these exciting platforms to come soon!

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Gamma Builds of Data Abstract and RemObjects SDK with Delphi XE2 Support Available Now.

September 2, 2011 in Data Abstract, Delphi, Mac, short, Windows

As promised in my previous post, new gamma builds for Data Abstract and related products are available with full support for Delphi XE2, including Win64 and Mac OS X.

These are not “gamma” builds from the branch we are working on for our upcoming Fall 2011 release due later this month; these builds are feature complete and considered “stable”, but they have not yet gone thru the full range of testing that our final releases go thru, so use them at your own risk.

To get the builds, head over to Like all of our beta programs, these builds are available to any customer with an active subscription. Please use the private ROFX beta forum on RemObjects Connect to discuss these builds and provide feedback.

Enjoy Delphi XE2!

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WWDC 2011 Tickets are On Sale

March 28, 2011 in Cocoa, iOS, Mac, short, WWDC, Xcode

Apple’s annual World Wide Developer Conference (WWDC) in San Francisco has just been announced and opened for registration today. I already got my ticket, and i’m looking forward to seeing many of you there! Go to for more info, and get your ticket quickly, it is bound to sell out fast!

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DSConf, Special Holiday Offer

December 13, 2010 in Events, short

If you have been holding out on getting your ticket for DSConf Las Vegas so far, now is your chance to save 15%, by taking advantage of the Special Holiday Offer:

Special Holiday Offer!

Use discount code »XMAS10« between now and December 25 to save 15% off the regular registration price of $799!

Register Now!

MonoDevelop templates for the Mac

November 4, 2010 in Elements, iOS, Mac, MonoDevelop, MonoTouch, Oxygene, short, Uncategorized

For our MonoDevelop/Mac users we’ve created some new templates for MonoMac and MonoTouch. These are up to date templates that match the C# versions and let you write MonoMac (free) and MonoTouch (commercial) applications.

To install them, open MonoDevelop, select the Tools/Add-in Manager menu, click Repositories and add

to the list of repositories. Then select the Install Add-Ins… button and select the new templates from the update list.

Complete instructions and other extras for Prism can be found at