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October 14, 2013 in Uncategorized

In the last year, we’ve been looking into a better forum to replace Connect to overcome the issue it’s having with search and notifications and finally found one we liked: The new forum is Discourse and it will have all the previous posts from Connect. What we’d like to hear is your opinion of this forum and if everything works for you.

What this forum offers:

  • Better search results (for example: If you go into a category, it filters the search by that category)
  • Optional weekly mails about interesting topics
  • Proper notifications of replies

…and quite a few other features. Note that the current content is temporary and will be overwritten if/when we decide to move to this new forum. The forum can be found at At this moment all the posts up to July are visible. When we do the move to this new forum, all the connect posts will be copied over fresh, posts made to now will stay. Our goal is to move to this forum as soon as we’re 100% sure there are no issues with it and all connect features are covered.

6 responses to New forum preview

  1. Looked quite interesting so I clicked the “Login” button and after signing in with my RO ID, gives me nothing but an entirely blank page now. :(

    Any plans to open up access to the issue tracker as well ?

    When a bug/suggestion is reported and we get a case # it might be easier to follow that case directly rather than having to rely on forums posts for any progress reports etc.

    • Does this still happen? I just did a fix. What browser/os (what browser version?? Do you have adblock?

      Bugtracker: We do have a plan to open the bugtracker but it’s a fairly big and involved project.

  2. This sounds great. The major problems you mention with RO Connect have been annoying for a long time.
    However, I followed the link for Talk. Looked good. Logged in (taken to main RO site in new window). Now just comes up as a completely blank page. I’m using latest Chrome on OSX.

    • Are you by any chance using Chrome “Dev” channel? Dev/Beta isn’t currently supported by discourse (and according to the people there it often happens that there’s a bug in those browsers)

      • As per your fix mentioned to Jolyon, it seems to work now fine with Safari, but still a little buggy with Chrome in terms of the log in sequence.
        After logging into the RO main site via the new browser window launched by “Talk”, I am returned to the “Talk” site, but still not logged in. I click on “Log In” again, which again brings up the “Sign In” dialogue. Upon clicking on the “Sign in” dialogue button, an “Authentication” message can be seen briefly in the dialogue. The dialogue then disappears and I am then logged into “Talk” without having to re-visit the main RO site..

        Chrome version Version 30.0.1599.69

  3. Perhaps it is a good idea for people to comment on the forum within the forum itself. I’ve already posted a couple of items to the recently created “Test” category. Others have posted there as well.