Oxygene for .NET = Embarcadero Prism XE2

September 2, 2011 in Android, Cooper, Elements, Oxygene

I just published a couple of new videos about Oxygene 5 (with more to come), but I thought I would like to clear up a couple of things with regards to names. When we say Oxygene for .NET or Oxygene 5, we are generally referring to the technology that powers Embarcadero Prism XE2, formerly known as Delphi Prism.

What’s in a name? That which we call a rose
By any other name would smell as sweet.

– Juliet in Shakespeare’s play Romeo and Juliet

Oxygene is RemObjects’ compiler technology. A couple of years ago, Embarcadero licensed Oxygene to replace Delphi for .NET and this new product was branded as Delphi Prism. Now with the release of XE2, we are releasing our new Oxygene 5 compiler, which now has two personalities: Oxygene for .NET (which continues to power Prism) and Oxygene for Java. That means that Oxygene is more than just the heart and soul of Embarcadero Prism, it exists in two forms, so it is more important to identify it as Oxygene.

  • Oxygene 5 = The Next Generation Object Pascal for .NET and Java
  • Oxygene for .NET = Embarcadero Prism XE2
  • Oxygene for Java = The product formerly know as Project Cooper.

What happened to the “Delphi” in Delphi Prism? This is really just a branding change that we and Embarcadero decided on, in order to better keep Delphi and Oxygene apart – but the next generation Object Pascal language you know and love in Oxygene is still there. If anything, it just got better.

What does this mean for the average developer? Well, if you know Delphi’s Object Pascal, then you can use those same skills to work with .NET and Java now – thanks to Oxygene. If you have RAD Studio XE2, then you have Embarcadero Prism XE2, which includes Oxygene for .NET. If you don’t have XE2 yet, head over to our secure online store and pick up Prism XE2 or a bundle that includes both Oxygene for .NET (via Embarcadero Prism XE2) and Oxygene for Java.

Oxygene Venn Diagram

4 responses to Oxygene for .NET = Embarcadero Prism XE2

  1. A little confused. Is Oxygene 5 available now? Is a trial available? The only trial seems to be referring to an old release on Embarcadero’s site.

    • Oxygene 5 for .NET is available now, you can purchase from our secure online store at http://remobjects.com/shop at $399, as well as from Embaracdero and their local resellers. it’s final, and (at least when you order from us) you’ll get the product the very second you order. A trial is also available at http://remobjects.com/trial (at the very bottom).

      I believe Embarcadero have had some problems with their website CMS system last week, which might be why their website was not up to date; you can also find details about Oxygene on our site at http://remobjects.com/oxygene

      Oxygene for Java is still kin (late) beta, and available for pre-order. you can order it form ur store, and you’ll get immediate beta access, (pretty regular) weekly beta updates, as well as of course the final product once it ships, which we expect to be in October/November (yes, this year ;).

  2. I’m afraid I’m still a little confused.

    If I buy Oxygene 5 for .NET, do I get an IDE or is Visual Studio the IDE ? I imagine it must be.

    If I buy Oxygene 5 for Java, what IDE will it work with to produce the Java compatible output ? Must I use Eclipse or some other environment ?

    • The current IDE for Oxygene (.NET or Java) *is* Visual Studio 2010. That does not mean you need to own VS separately: if you do, Oxygene will integrate with your existing VS install, but if you don’t have VS yet, Oxygene will provide a copy of Visual Studio 2010 for you.

      In a (near) future update, we will also restore support for MonoDevelop as IDE for Oxygene, both for Mac and Windows (and, for Oxygene/Java: Linux) and add support for the upcoming Visual Studio 11 that was announced today. Once again, this applies to Oxygene for NET and Oxygene for Java, as they use the same code base for the IDE integration.