Oxygene for Android Torch App

January 26, 2013 in Android, Cooper, Elements, Java

Brian Long made a great video on building an Android Torch App using Oxygene for Android. You can find it as part of RemObjects TV. The app he builds is a nice simple app, which makes the video easy to follow while also covering some concerns you may face in more complicated apps:

  • Permissions
  • Adding a new Activity
  • Using an Intent to move between activities
  • Creating a full screen Activity
  • Adding a Menu
  • Displaying Toast
  • Displaying a Dialog to get a user response

If you are new to Android Development with Oxygene, or maybe haven’t gotten into some of these topics yet then check out the video. You can also download the full source code for the app. Let us know what other Android related topics you would like to seen covered in future videos!

3 responses to Oxygene for Android Torch App

  1. Hi Jim, it is possible to have a visual interface designer in the future? I mean, drag and drop the controls like Oxygene in .net. Thanks!

    • Hi Bob,

      My understanding is that Android was originally designed not to have a visual designer, but a few designers have shown up. Today you can get the free DroidDraw to use with Oxygene for Java when doing Android development. Of course we are always looking for new features for our tools, so yes, it is possible to have a visual Android designer backed into Oxygene for Java in the futur.e

      What I have found in my experience is that most Android UI’s are not that complicated. It isn’t like I am laying out huge data entry screens. Plus there are new Android specific UI paradigms (ListView, ActionBar, etc.) that make creating the UI simpler.

      Hope that helps!