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Life after Prism (1.0)

December 6, 2008 in Elements

With the first release Delphi Prism now out the door and in the hands of the first users, lots of people a starting to chat, blog and write about Prism in public, and it’s great to see all the excitement and the usually positive feedback. It seems that a lot of people who never gave Oxygene a second thought are looking at Prism now, and liking what they are seeing.

So with everyone else and their uncle starting to cover “Prism 1.0”, i thought it might be n ice to start a new blog series that will take a closer look at the labs to see what’s brewing in terms of new features that will come in future updates of prism, instead.

First in line is a feature that’s hot of the presses (i’m seeing it fully functional myself for the first time, today) that has been very close to my heart ever since i requested it <g>: a special Add References Pane for Mono.

This is just one more in many current (and future) features to make developing for Mono from inside Visual Studio easier. What happens is that if Prism detects that you’re working on a Mono project (my looking at the Framework Folder you have selected), it will expand the standard Add References dialog and show an extra page that gives you direct access to all the Mono dlls – from the standard system dlls to Mono-specific stuff such as Cocoa#, GTk#, Boo or the Mono.* dlls that extend the FCL.

Just a single click, and your Mono dlls are added to what we call the “shopping cart” area at the bottom (another Prism unique feature that makes adding multiple referneces in all project types much easier), ready to be added to your project:


8 responses to Life after Prism (1.0)

  1. Cool :)
    But from that screenshot I actually fear, that makes use of the default ‘Add Reference’ dialog and just plugs in it?

    Replacing the ‘Add Reference’ dialog with a dialog that does not load all COM references in a first place would make that dialog a lot faster. But that’s a MS point after all..

  2. @Sebastian: (a) yes, this is the standard Add Reference dialog, expanded with an extra tab. we have no plans to “reinvent the wheel” and replace Visual Studio UI that works fine. (b) Afaik the dialog does not load all the COM references unless/until you switch to the COM tab.

  3. “It seems that a lot of people who never gave Oxygene a second thought are looking at Prism now, and liking what they are seeing.”

    This is the main reason I was excited and encouraged to see the deal w/Embarcadero. While Chrome/Oxygene were technically compelling, the marketing/mindshare momentum was not nearly so. I think shifting to “Prism” has and will continue to change that perception dramatically. Congrats!

  4. Well, The “shopping cart” is a wonderful idea. It reminds me of both Delphi for .NET and SharpDevelop.

  5. What they need now is to recompile VCL.NET using Oxygene for Delphi 2009

  6. @Adam: have you looked at ShineOn yet?

  7. I’ve used ShineOn, a very poor subset of the VCL.NET. No Designer and VCL.NET components. My thinking is that just VCL.NET should be in RAD Studio using Oxygene as the compiler.

  8. @Adam Craig
    Adam, the problem of this is that all the extentions and traps of the old Delphi.NET incarnation must be translated to Oxygene. Believe me, I worked with VCL.NET for 2 years and, although a brilliant result, you need to know .NET to get things working again (example: initialiation and finalization sections does not work as expected in .NET and the compiler can do NOTHING about it – the way the Framework initialize things really screw up these sections).
    Prism – or better, the Oxygene compiler- it’s a translation from scratch of Object Pascal to .NET Framework, following the rules and practices of the CLR runtime platform.
    Am I wrong on thinking this way, Marc?