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Delphi Prism, M.D.

July 13, 2009 in Elements, Linux, Mac, MonoDevelop, Windows

Over the past couple months, a lot of progress has been made with getting Delphi Prism integrated into MonoDevelop. As mentioned before (and in our ROadmap), one of the “big” focuses in the current product cycle leading up to the August release next month has been a major refactoring of our internal IDE code, both in preparation for Visual Studio 2010 (Beta 1 of which which we’ll be supporting in August) and MonoDevelop.

So without further ado, below you will find the first ever screenshot of Delphi Prism being fully integrated into Mono Develop on the Mac:

Notice how we have a working Class Browser, Syntax Highlighting and Code Completion, as well as integrated building using MSBuild/XBuild.

Of course MonoDevelop is taking shape on Windows as well and of course (always has) runs on Linux, and Delphi Prism will integrate with it on all three platforms. Windows, i suppose, is the least exciting of these three options (after all, we already have Visual Studio, there), but having a native IDE running on either Mac or Linux should be a great boon for everyone using Delphi Prism to develop for these platforms.

So what’s the time line here, you’re asking? Good question! I cannot quite confirm a specific ship date, for two reasons. For one, while basic integration is working, there’s still a lot of Ts to dot and Is to cross. Lockdown for the August releases is imminent, so MonoDevelop definitely will not make it into that (also due to reason #2) – but then, hey, one new IDE per release should be enough, right?

Secondly, there’s still the remaining issue of MonoDevelop being licensed under GPL. The MD team, our team and a few contributors from the Delphi Prism community have done a great job moving this forward, but we still have some ~20 or so modules left that need to be rewritten before MonoDevelop is non-GPL and we can ship integration for it. Your help would be appreciated with this, so if you have some spare time, please check out our newsgroup to see how you can help (or drop me a direct mail).

As far as our coding efforts go, i would think we should be ready to ship a preview of MonoDevelop support sometime between the August and November releases. i would also hope that come November, MD will be GPL-clean, and we can officially ship this in the November release of Delphi Prism*.

Also, what about Sharp Develop? To be honest, we’re undecided. While SharpDevelop (a Windows-only IDE for .NET and Mono) is closely related to MonoDevelop, it is different enough that supporting it would mean extra work. With MonoDevelop starting to look good on Windows now, we’re not sure if there’s much sense going thru the effort to integrate with SharpDevelop as well. What’s your thought on that? Can you see any benefits to SD support (that MD does not cover)?

*So if you’re buying RAD Studio 2010, not Delphi Prism standalone, make sure to get Software Assurance to be eligible for new features in November!

7 responses to Delphi Prism, M.D.

  1. This is looking great. Personally I’m really looking forward to this. Keep up the good work !



  2. Hey,

    I don’t think that #Develop support is necessary.
    If you have Prism, then you have VS for development on Windows. If you want to code for Mono, you can do that in VS too, or use MonoDevelop on other platforms including Windows.

    If there are features in #Develop that would be worth the work to integrate Prism into #Dev too, than it also would be worth the work to port that specific feature from #Dev to MonoDevelop so that all platforms can benefit from that.

    I’m glad to see progress going on here and as soon as I’m finished with my current ‘project’ I’ll step in to help de-gpl-ifying MD.



  3. If I remember, in #Develop you can develop compact framework applications. It will be great to do this with Delphi Prism !

  4. Hi all!
    Focus on MonoDevelop. I like SharpDevelop and the guys there are doing a great work – I like it really. But tommorrow e.g, “ClimsyClumsy for .net” is released and what then, support the last Superbase devolpers there, who decided to use Pascal Syntax – wise decision at all – … Most of us, in my opinion, prefer a running “Chrome/Prism” under Linux or Apple to another IDE supported und Windows … This is my feeling.


  5. I hate to be the scavenger of the crowd, but – would this be a “paid for” product? I could sell this and leverage VS2008/2010 in to a business proposal, but I don’t think I could justify buying a MonoDevelop plug-in.

    I would gladly use Object Pascal again though, to code on the Mac – if it was seamlessly integrated into the toolchain* like this seems to be.

    *baring in mind that I appreciate that you’d still end up in the XCode tools for the UI and for “tricky Mac specific” tweaks.

  6. Memson: it would most definitely be a paid product; most likely (i’m not announcing or promising anything here, as these decisions have not been made) not a separate product, but it would just come as part of the regular Delphi Prism SKU.

    i’m curious, though, why you would think paying for a product in Visual Studio is fine, but paying for one in MonoDevelop would be unjustified?

  7. I believe that the lack of an IDE like monodevelop (for developing with Delphi Prism in non-Windows environments) must be completely filled

    would make no sense to limit development on a single platform for a language that is multiplatform

    IMHO is not a problem to pay a plugin for an IDE that is free of charge: the mine is a small software company and I want to develop with Delphi and distribute my applications … if I do not have a platform for the destination I probably will have to decide whether to change the programming language

    regarding # Develop I believe that it should also be supported but only after the consolidation with MonoDevelop

    do a good job