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January 28, 2011 in Android, Cooper, Elements, Oxygene, RemObjects

“Harry, I have no idea where this will lead us, but I have a definite feeling it will be a place both wonderful and strange.”
— Special Agent Dale Cooper


Something is brewing in or labs. Stay tuned for more

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  1. Will there be a Prism starter-edition?
    That’s what I’m waiting for!

    • it’s something we;re looking into and discussing with our friends at Embarcadero. one difficulty is that – in contrast to Delphi, where a lot of the value comes out of the libraries included with the product, be it the VCL or the more specific database drivers, etc), Delphi Prism is “just” a compiler, and all the library functionality comes from the framework. there’s really nit *much* we could leave out of the current “Delphi Prism Professional” to make a “Starter” edition…

      but we do recognize there;s demand for a lower-priced entry edition, and we are looking into what we can do.

      (ps: this has nothing to do with Cooper ;)

      • Well, I understand and that’s a good reason indeed.
        However, let’s not forget that Embarcadero bumped the price without adding any real value. So I guess all I’m asking is them considering going back to the original price, because that one seemed more realistic. I hope the Delphi Starter edition will be wildly successful, encouraging them to drop the price of Prism – before it’s too late.

  2. From the categories of this blog, it’s seems related to Android.

    Maybe RO/DA Clients for Andriod ;-)

    • That’s something we have plans for, yes. To start with, we’ll support MonoDroid with DA/.NEt in the upcoming Spring 2011 release; later (no timeline yet, sorry), we do want to add “native” RO/DA Android client support.

      That’s not what “Cooper” is, though ;)

  3. Hi Marc

    hmmm .. it’s getting interesting;-)

    Best Regards


  4. Look at the categories : Android + Delphi Prism.
    I got it.

  5. If it is not simply Cooper …sounds like Balmer: MS Strategy – we have no idea where we are going, but we know when we are there – its good for us (MS):)

    I hope it is sthg. for the Apple and the developers. The second I am sure the first I hope. Strange sound promising.

  6. Cooper in the Cloud….

  7. In case you guys missed it, RemObjects just demoed “Cooper” at DSConf – a compiler for Object Pascal that creates native Java and Android code. No runtime required.

  8. Cooper compile Obejct Pascal cose and create java binary, you still need java runtime to run the application

    The “native” concept in Java is a little different :)

    • Yes, “native” is always a touchy subject. Delphi guys usually use it to mean “cpu-level binary code”, but many users of other platforms use it differently in the context of their platform. for example, i’d say Oxygene generates “native .NET” executables, or that, say, .NET apps (can) “run as native 64bit apps on Windows x64”. In the same vain, one could say Cooper generates “native Java” executables – ie, exes that are native to the respective platform.

  9. Wow that sounds great!
    How far are the Oxygene and Cooper dialects apart?
    Things like “async” “event” “property” ??

    anayway sounds great!!!

    • the language dialects will be as close as we can make em. the only differences will be things that we literally cannot make work on both platforms. for example, LINQ does/might not make sense on Java, because the LINQ syntax is really only made useful by the .NET framework classes that enable it – so LINQ probably won’t be available. There might be a few other minor things that won’t make sense – just as there will be a few new languages we’ll add *for* Java (some of which will also show on the .NET side, and some might not).

      but except for the minor things, it will be the same language. Oxygene and Cooper will be 100 times more similar than – say – Delphi and Oxygene.

      Cooper will support properties, and they will look just like in Oxygene, even though Java (the language) does not.

      we’ll have more info on Cooper soon, once we’re all back from traveling ;)


  10. Cool. Does that mean that you guys have now two products for Android? Monodroid and Cooper?

    • Well.. pretty much, yes.

      Of course MonoDroid (which is/will be a commercial product from Novell, not from us) will be supported by Oxygene / Delphi Prism. Using this approach will give you the opportunity to use .NET core api’s and the CLR .NET classes to bridge over to the native Java/Android libraries.

      Cooper will allow you to write ‘native’ Android (and Java) applications without the overhead of having the whole .NET/Mono stuff inside your application.

      • Very exciting. But “Java” in this case means Dalvik only, right? Ore are you targeting normal JVMs also?

        • Regular JVM also. You’ll be able to write anything from “Enterprise” Java server stuff, over really ugly Windows and Mac apps all the way up to apps for Android.

          • “over really ugly Windows and Mac apps”

            Nooooooooo, you should add a restriction in the licensing to prevent this sin against computing! ;-)

          • maybe we’ll add a hardcoded limit to disallow the use of anything in the swing namespace ;P

      • Hi Marc and Sebastian

        VERY VERY GREAT!!!!!

        The RemObjects team never ceases to amaze me!

        Can you tell when it is released officially (or at least a public beta) and the price?

        Best Regards


  11. Is the compiler written in Java?
    Is there no way to reuse some core parts of the two compilers?

    • The compiler is written in Oxygene. And don’t worry, there’s plenty re-use – it’s essentially the same code base for the (new*) .NET and Java compiler.

      (The Oxygene compiler is completely rewritten and re-architected from scratch for the Fall 2011 release. it will be glorious ;)

  12. Hi Marc and Sebastian.
    Congrats for this new and exciting project. I’m waiting for an Object Pascal compiler targeting the JVM since 1998 (when Danny Thorpe showed something similar at BorCon).
    Only a question: why not integrated also in RAD Studio? Oxigene is in VS Shell, and it completely make sense becouse oxigene can use .NET libraries, designers and so on. But for “Cooper”, why no integration also in RAD Studio? I know that the integration is simpler, but should be better IMHO to have integration also in RAD Studio. However, congrats.It’s a VERY nice news.

    • Daniele,

      mainly, i suppose, because we have a fully functional Object Pascal language integration for Visual Studio and Mono Develop that is time proven and the fruit of 6+ years of development, while we have nothing to integrate with RAD Studio and would basically need to start fro scratch. Also, because Cooper will be a VERY close sibling to the current Oxygene/.NET compiler, which lives in VS/MD, and it makes sense to have both options – Java and .NET – supported from the same IDE; possibly even from the same projects…

  13. Great Work!

    Many of us look forward …