Announcing Elements 7.1

Welcome back. Hot on the heals of the brand new first release of RemObjects C# last month, we have just shipped the new 7.1 update »

New Betas!

Hi everyone. Over the past weekend, we shipped major new beta builds for, well, just about every single one of our products. On the Elements front »


Heartbleed The Heartbleed vulnerability found in OpenSSL last week has everyone worried, and rightfully so. So of course we did an investigation and wanted to let »

Winter has come

By the time this blogpost will be published, the Winter 2013 release of Data Abstract will already become available. I feel that I should talk about »

Code Deodorant all write smelly code from time to time. Reasons are different, from ‘I’ll rewrite this code later, I »

New forum preview

In the last year, we’ve been looking into a better forum to replace Connect to overcome the issue it’s having with search and notifications »