Time stops for no-one, so we at RemObjects software too will finally start blogging.

Lately, i’m personally mostly involved with our upcoming .NET libraries (the Internet Pack, which will be out Real Soon Now™, and beyond that RemObjects SDK 3 for .NET and more) and our tools (like the new Service Builder you’ve (hopefully) aleady seen in RO3 and the Data Abstract Schema Modeler, which i’m currently plugging some really neat features into – stay tuned on that), so this blog will keep you updated on what’s going on these fronts.

From the non-tech side, i’ll probaby keep wasting your time with movie recomendations (today’s is Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind which i went to see today, and which delivered everything one expects when going to see a Charlie Kaufman flick (although Adaptation remains my favorite). A definite must see, and don’t let the cast scare you off; Jim Carrey doesnt make any faces, and Elija Wood doesnt play a hobbit), or the one or another rant on politics…

(i should mention that you should also get ready for lot of nested (sometimes very deeply nested) parentesis ;-).

Blog on!