I’ve re-watched Kill Bill Volume 1 again last night – after finally getting the
DVD – and i have come to the conclusion that we might actually have to be thankful
to the Weinsteins for insisting on a split release as Volume 1 and 2, as this has
brought us what is arguably the most powerful scenes of the movie – the very last
seconds of Volume 1*.

I’m referring to the last bits if the scene where we see Sofie Fatale confessing
to Bill. In the background the excellent The Lonely Shepherd already queues
up (again), as Bill asks: "One more thing, Sofie. Is she aware her daughter
is still alive?", and with the last syllable spoken, we fade to black just
as The Lonely Shepherd picks up it’s pace and keeps holding us in it’s grip
for (almost) the remainder of the credits.

(*In Volume 2 the most exhilarating scene again stands and falls with a piece of
music, this time L’ Arena by the awesome Ennio Morricone)