I am not a very patient person. It’s something I work on — trying to be more patient with others. Having such young siblings helps. Still; when driving, I like to go fast and make frequent use of my horn/middle-finger. I like fast food (or microwavable if I’m at home). I use CodeRush, FinalBuilder, and other tools to greatly improve efficiency.

Of course, the one thing worse than waiting is waiting when I shouldn’t have to. Being a “computer guy” I am often asked for help on various tasks, usually unrelated to anything I might be considered expert in. I don’t mind helping — I enjoy it — but for the love of eternity, why won’t users learn the shortcuts? Especially after having used the same software for years!

If you are reading this and have been using computers on a regular basis for more than a year — learn the shortcuts – especially the common ones – if you haven’t already! If I see one more person fumble for the mouse only to select File/Save instead of pressing Ctrl+S or worse; Edit/Copy, Edit/Paste instead of Ctrl+C, Ctrl+V then I’m going to go nuts! Check your products documentation, or just read the menu’s you are so fond of.

It’s been a long week. Oh geeze, it’s only Tuesday!