Dear Consant Readers,

In the spirit of keeping you up to date on what’s brewing in the RemObjects Labs, a new article is now available on CodeFez
that will introduce you to Aspect Oriented Programming (AOP) and the (codename) “Taco” project that i’ve been working on (besides
my real work on stuff like Chrome, RemObjects SDK and Data Abstract for .NET, that is).

“Taco” is currently in early alpha status and we don’t have a timeline for public release yet, but we’re looking into providing a beta
version to interested parties soon. If you’re an interested party, let me know!

As a side-note, “Taco” is the first product here at RemObjects that, next to Data Abstract for .NET, is being developed in 100% shining Chrome.

Read the “Aspect Oriented
Programming with Taco
” article
at CodeFez.