There is a gap between the “embedded” and “office“ software developers.
Both “groups“ are often very litle aware of what’s going on on the “other side“.

So what’s coocking in the embedded world ?

It seem’s like the two worlds are growing to each other.
There is a demand for controllers that support communication over the WEB or LAN.
A good example is our web based configuration tool provided by our router/print server etc..

A company that provides such a controller can be found at:

Will it really stop with configuration tools for our network appliances ?

Not IMO.
These controllers support TCP/IP, PPP, HTTP, FTP, Telnet, POP3, SMTP and DHCP out of the box.
For example,nothing will stop a manufacturer of production machines to log machine production data to a back office system.Clue is that the effort to achieve this is, is much less with such controllers.

Now the hardware is in place to bridge embedded to office how about the software ?
Well since we got TCP/IP under the hood we could setup our own protocol to exchange data with a backoffice system.
To also reduce this effort the idea was born to create a RemObjects SDK specialized for such controlers.
This SDK allows you to communicate the “RO way“ with such controllers.
At the moment this SDK is in the final stage and supports RO TCP Client’s and servers for a Beck SC12-13.