I just noticed the other day that the IMDB finally has infos on the new David Lynch project, titled Inland Empire. Rumor has it that Lynch has been secretly filiming this for the past two years and is producing the film on his own budget – meaning that for once he’ll hopefully be able to realize the film to his liking, without having to compromise for marktability concerns of the studios. If my monthly DL.COM membership fee helped make this happen, it was money well invested ;-)

Starring Laura Dern (definitely not my favorite Lynch regular), the movie is taglined as “a mystery about a woman in trouble” (surely a topic close to Lynch’s heart, it seems) and definitely something to look forward to in 2006 – for Lynch fans and people with a general taste for movies beyond the Hollywood maintream alike.

The film is currently rumored to premiere at Cannes next year, let’s hope Lynch finishes in time!

Looking at the more immediate future, the new Terry Gilliam is coming up this august, followed by the Dave McKean/Neil Gaiman big screen debut Mirror Mask in September.

So who’s to say no-one’s making good movies, these days…