Readers interested in ASP.NET web development with Chrome might want to know about a new open source project started by Thomas Miller, called “chromeportal“. The idea is to implement a cross-platform cross-database web portal framework in Chrome, deployable to both ASP.NET and Mono/XSP servers.

The project will (probably) be hosted on sourceforge (link coming soon), and a newsgroup has been created on where Thomas and his co-conspiritors will be providing more information soon and some fruitful discussions are already underway.

The domain for the future home of the project has also been registered (guess which one ;), and that site will of course be built on top of cromeportal itself.

A couple of interested helping hands are still needed, so if you’d be interested in getting involved in this project, please let Thomas know in the newsgroup, or as comment here.

marc hoffman

marc hoffman

Chief Architect and CEO here at RemObjects Software. Project Manager for Elements and lead developer of Fire, our awesome new development environment for the Mac.

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