As some of you (especially our beta testers) may be aware, we’re currently nearing the end of a major release cycle, with significant updates of all our major products due to be released on saturday (more on that, possibly in another blog post).

In addition to releasing these new versions of the existing products, we’ve also been silently working on a new addition to the product portfolio for out .NET Subscription customers – namely the RemObjects Developer Studio (or DevStudio, as we like to call it for short). Technically, DevStudio is not really a new product in it’s own right, but a symbiosis of all of our existing (and upcoming) products for .NET – but there are some aspects at work here that make the sum greater than it’s parts:

DevStudio will be available in two versions for our .NET customers. Those that already call a license of Visual Studio 2005 Standard, Professional or Team System their own will be able to download a little 20MB file and use it to install the entire suite of RemObjects products for .NET. Chrome, RemObjects SDK, Data Abstract, Internet Pack and DebugServer; instead of several separate setups, they’re all in one now. BFD you say? True.

But here’s where things get interesting: If you do not currently own a copy of Visual Studio 2005 yet (be it that you’re just starting with the wondeful world of .NET, or are still using version 2003), you will be able to download a slightly larger file (or possibly get a CD), and install DevStudio 1.0 in its full glory – including the Visual Studio 2005 IDE that everyone is raving about.

Suddently, what started out as a mere bundle of tools now transformed into a full-fledged Developer Studio in it’s own right. As a RemObjects Subscription for .NET customer, you can now literally install a clean Windows XP, install Developer Studio, and start developing your multi-tier appliations or whatever it is you do. No need to separately purchase an IDE – you’re all set in one go.

You get the IDE, the smart editor, the debugger. You get the powerful Objct Pascal-based Chrome language. You get DebugServber to help finding those pesky bugs. And you get our time-proven and award winning RemObjects Framework. And – because you’re a subscription customer, the cool stuff keeps coming in as time goes by. Hydra 3. Chrome “Joyride”. You name it.

Caught your interest? check out for more infos on DevStudio, and you make sure to order or renew that subscription, to be among the first to get their hands on it.

And remember, you heared it here, first!