One of the new features of RemObjects SDK for Delphi and .NET in version 5 will be the Super HTTP Channel. This channel is a variation on the regular HTTP channel but supports two way traffic like the Super TCP Channel. Because it uses HTTP, it works through HTTP proxies and strict firewalls, it does however cause slightly more traffic than the TCP version.

The new HTTP Channel allows you to send multiple requests without having to use multiple HTTP channels. It also makes it possible to send an event from the server to the client without having to explicitly poll for it. It works by using two connections at once, one for sending, the other for receiving.

As side-effect of the implementation for .NET, we have introduced a new “normal” HTTP server component in Internet Pack: AsyncHTTPServer. The Async HTTP Server uses Windows built in IO Completion Ports to handle requests, which uses less threads than the traditional blocking sockets model. Besides the Internet Pack based server, we also have an ASP.NET “Handler” and an http.sys async implementation.