As frequent visitors to know, our core website doesn’t usually change much over time in design or structure. Early this week, we’ve published a pretty major overhaul of the site, introducing a few pretty fundamental changes.

In addition to having rotating posters for the two new version 5.0 products (RemObjects SDK and Data Abstract) on the home page, we’ve also replaced the “content” ticker on the bottom right, which used to show the latest articles and videos, with a couple of blocks that will point visitors toward the most important sections of the website using (hopefully) eye-catching imagery. We’re prominently linking our new Whitepaper WP01 for Data Abstract, our DevCenter as well as the trial downloads portal, which has also been overhauled.

We’re also prominently featuring a case study – we are rotating between a couple of the most exciting/interesting ones we have so far, and are hoping to add more soon – expect to read more on that in a future blog post, soon.

We’ve also updated and vastly expanded the product pages for the RemObjects SDK and Data Abstract ‘Vinci’, available at and, respectively. We’ve split the available information into 3 main pages per product: a high-level overview (which is also suitable for non-technical readers), a core features summary and a “what’s new in v5”. Finally, we’ve added a huge number of external topics that go into more detail about important core features, such as for example Schemas or the new Super HTTP Channel.

Make sure to check out the new site – I hope you’ll like it!