My current challenge is to migrate a RemObjects SDK server working in Win32 Delphi/VCL to Linux.

I am analyzing the technology to use. A few months ago I had only one option: Chrome/Mono.
I am not displeased because I now have an additional option and, because of it, I am pleased with RemObjects. If there is something that defines the technologies that RemObjects offers, it is in giving options to the developer.

Provided that Remobjects’ next version named ‘Vinci’ brings support to Free Pascal Compiler, now I can choose to use this tecnology or Chrome/Mono.

The server to migrate is a RemObjects SDK server working 24x7x365. The tasks that it fulfills are sophisticated and are mission critical:

  • Control of industrial hardware in real time across serial ports (using Async 32).
  • Control of industrial hardware in real time across ethernet UDP (using Synapse with self build threading).
  • Remote access to information and business tier (RemObjects SDK / Data Abstract).
  • Visualization of objects used in the industrial control through RemObjects’ message tiers.

All that stuff is separated in own and shared tasks, with communication channels via RemObjects SDK version 4.

Stay tuned, I will present a report of my selection and the justification.

My first step will be to migrate from Remobjects Version 4 to VINCI, the new and exciting technology offered by RemObjects.

Meanwhile, I will cetainly listen to ideas. Open for discussion!