Many years ago, when i seriously started collecting DVDs, i wrote an application where, being the anal-retentive guy i am, i could maintain all my DVDs and, eventually, CDs and books. I don’t remember how long ago this was, precisely, but the project was written in Delphi and DataSnap, so that should give you some indication that it’s been a while.

The program has been and still is working great, and having the database for easy reference of all DVDs is nice; it’s easy to pick a movie to watch, based on — say — genre, without browsing meters of shelf space. Plus (most importantly ;), having scanned all cast info off imdb, the app could instantly calculate the “Kevin Bacon” level of each title.

The downside to all this was that, whenever a new shipment from amazon arrived, the pile was sitting on my desk, waiting to be typed in.

Yesterday, i found a cool tool (once again Mac only, sorry guys) that puts an end to this: Delicious Library.

Delicious Library is an app for maintaining your library of CDs, DVDs and books – but with a twist: rather then manually typing in the info of all your items one by one, all you need to do is swipe their barcode in front of the iSight camera, and Delicious Library will automatically read the code and look up the info — including cover image, IMDB info and all sorts of details, for you: