Hi finally take the trip and after a lot of troubles with D2007 Updates and XP i prefer to use a Virtual machine running XP on a Ubuntu Box.

That way will guarantee after any problem i will always have a backup copy of a working VM , and can work again in just a few minutes.

The last time i try that, i must say, was a bad experience. VMWare lack of of a good communication between Host OS (LINUX) and VM. That was at beta 4 of VMWare i think. And the virtualizer options lack of many other features.

I hear about VirtualBox and think is a great chance to give a try.

I have to say i was surprised. VirtualBox is a OS app wich integrate lovely with Ubuntu Desktop. BTW, ubuntu grow up and is a really ‘just work’ distro. I have a HP dv9233cl notebook, and ALL the hardware works out of the box, except the web cam, working thanks to a easy to install core module.

VirtualBox offer a seamless mode, and i take some pictures from you.

I hope you like.

D2007 Update 3 Start.

Delphi 2007 ubuntu Box

BTW, the image on the background is a forest in the Patagonia Argentina, taked in my last vacation

D2007 Coding a Remobjects Solution

Delphi 2007 Ubuntu box 2

Any comments apreciated.