I meet David I, Andreano Lanusse and Andhers Ohlsson today. David I expose many points about the Codegear vision of the future.

David I, Me and Anders
(I’m the tall guy) ;)

First, they expose in a clear way Codegear is comited to NATIVE code, and will be there for years to come. They also work with dot net, off course but they plan to enhance native code via Delphi and C++.

The main point of enhance are:

a) Multicore support.
b) 64 bits compilers.
c) Unicode support.
d) C++ new standard support.

When asked about linux they clearly expose will be in a future a cross compiling compiler and rtl, not only for linux (?). But seems like happen after the other goals are reached.

In the dot net side, he say will enhance the integration trough VCL.NET, always. That way they will not force the VCL framework to the changes in technologies makes in Microsoft. Don’t will make any coments about that. :roll:

Finally, i discover Andreano Lanusse is a real PUMA, and a very very fun of Argentina. Im happy for that. :D

Andreano is a Argentinan Rugby Fun!

BTW, when i show the pic to my little daughter she said : Dad! Did you really meet Santa Claus? (Papa Noel in Argentina). :P

Link to Unisolutions oficial partner in Argentina with more pictures.