I’m in the middle of preparing for my trip to northern California, leaving tomorrow for two days at a place i cannot talk about, followed by a week in San Francisco, attending Apple’s WWDC, the World Wide Developer Conference.

As you know, we’re slowly making inroads into expanding our RO/DA product suite to a wider range of platforms, including (but not limited to) the Mac and iPhone, so this week should prove to be very interesting, both in terms of finding out what new stuff is coming and learning more about the existing technologies, but also in terms of networking, meeting fellow Mac developers, etc.

If you happen to be at WWDC yourself, why not drop me a mail or tweet so we can meet up – chat about RO/Mac, our Mac support in the .NET/Mono products – or simply about the weather (i see we’re expecting a nice 20°C, much better than the heat wave here in Berlin).

Also, even if you can’t make it to WWDC: our RO|C beta program is starting, with first bits of the Mac version of RO being available. Check out remobjects.com/mac to find out more, or to sign up*.

So much for now, hope to see you at WWDC! Follow my twitter account for more up-to-date info during the conference.

*please be patient with me for responding & setting you up, i will be traveling, after all ;-)