Just like in 2005, RemObjects Software will be present at Microsoft PDC2008 with a booth in the Expo Hall, showing our suite of products. Our main focus will be Data Abstract for .NET, and we’re in the process of preparing some pretty cool demos that show off DA LINQ, DA SQL, Silverlight support and some of the other cool features of DA*. (i’ll also have my iPhone along to demo a preview of Data Abstract for OS X talking to our demo server, to anyone interested in a bit of cross-platforming at the Microsoft event ;).

*the demos we’re working on will also me available as Samples in future releases of DA; we’re currently planning a pretty thorough review and rewrite of all the samples, in order to provide a more cohesive and coherent view at what DA offers and ho to leverage it; the stuff we’re working on for PDC is just a first step here, so stay tuned for more.
If you’re attending PDC, make sure to drop by our booth so we can have a chat, whether you’re an existing customer, considering our products, or just wanna say hi. **We’ll be at booth #910**.

If you’re interested in Oxygene and Object Pascal programming for .NET, the guys from CodeGear/Embarcadero will be right next to us at booth #912 to announce and show a preview of a very exciting new product called Delphi Prism. I hear there will be preview disks of Delphi Prism available on site.

From Monday to Wednesday, Carlo, Mike and myself will be at our booth to meet with you; in case you can’t make it to PDC yourself, we’ll also have a page up at remobjects.com/pdc that we’ll keep updating with news and photos, and you can follow Mike and me on twitter, to keep up with what’s happening.

Hope to see you in L.A.,