The latest episode of the is up, featuring once again yours truly, as well as @jamiei, @skamradt and of course @JimMcKeeth.

This time, we’re talking about a new project Jim is starting at, where the podcast will follow a group of developers as they create a community-driven project using Delphi tools. Fir the first project, the idea is to create a Twitter client, aimed at both being a showcase and sample code for what can be done in Delphi, but also to have some unique features that will make it usable as a real live client (and yes, we realize and actually discuss the fact that there’s already 3895 other Twitter clients out there ;).

Myself, i won’t get involved with the actual coding, at least for this project, as i have too many things on my plate already, but i’ll be participating the project podcasts to give insight and bring my expertise into shaping the project.

(On a slightly unrelated note: during the podcast i recommend the Blue Snowflake USB microphone, which can be found here).

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