i’m wondering if there’s a second, parallel “Mac community” that i’m not aware of. There has to be, because for the second (or more) time in a row now, the following events took place this weekend:

Step 1: Microsoft releases another ad about how PCs are cheap and Macs are sexy. (their word, not mine)

Step 2: The “Mac community” is all shit’n’giggles, having fun and laughing their asses off, and also send their thanks up towards Redmond for repeatedly doing Apple’s advertisement job and getting the word out about Macs.

Step 3: the Usual “Windows community” subjects such as the Paul Thurrotts and Mary Jos of the world reports that somehow the “Mac community” is “up in arms” and a “nerve has been struck” and are the ads are “getting under people’s skin”

My question is: on what planet?