Yesterday has been the culmination of one of the busiest months here at RemObjects.

To start with, we’ve shipped a new round of updates for all of our products, most noticeably a major new version 6.0 of Data Abstract and RemObjects SDK for both Delphi and .NET. Even though the products have been on a subscription model for a while now, and the new release is free to all active subscribers like every other 5.0.x update in the past, we felt the version bump was justified given the wide range of new features we’ve shipped (and are planning to ship over the rest of the year).

Most dear to my heart among these is our support for ZeroConf service discovery, which imho will be a game changer for how easily RO (and DA) servers and respective clients can be deployed, and the new suite of sample applications in DA/.NET (which we’ll expand/port to DA/Delphi for August). The new samples will make it much easier and more intuitive for people to get started with DA and explore all that is there, without any problems hving to set up test databases or the like.

Along with the new product releases, we’ve also launched a major rework of the website, with Data Abstract how having its own dedicated product home page at, just as RemObjects SDK got, earlier this year ( A lot of work has gone into this and i hope you like how the product is presented.

Finally, we also made some changes to the homepage; most importantly, we’ve phased out our old news feed (which we found was getting stale too quickly) and now show messages from our newly created @RemObjects twitter feed, instead. Several members of the RemObjects team have been actively twittering for a while now, about both personal and business-related matters (find em all here), but we decided we needed a more official feed focused solely on RemObjects-related matters. So, to stay up to date you can now simply follow us or subscribe to the RSS.

On a somewhat unrelated note, some of you have asked about the lack of new releases for the “for OS X” line of products, yesterday. For logistical reasons (it’s a lot of work getting all of these builds organized and out the door, for one thing, and our Mac products require a different build environment that the rest – which are all handled by our Windows-based build server &ndash for another) we are keeping these on a separate build schedule for now. We shipped the first release of RO/OSX in early April, and made new beta builds of both RO/OSX and the unreleased DA/OSX available earlier this month. We are planning on having our second release of RO/OSX out in late June/early July. If all goes well, the build cycles will converge with the Windows-based products *eventually* – more on that later.
That much for now – thanx for reading and i hope you will enjoy the new products and website.