It’s been a while since i last posted photos. Has, in fact, been a while since i last got around to doing some decent shooting.

I mostly blame Xcode.

You see, when i started up serious photography in 2006, computing as my main hobby of choice had started failing me. Computer work, and programming, had become work, not a hobby, and i no longer felt like doing programming in my spare time. A year later, along came my first Mac (ironically because &ndash among other things – it allowed me to do the post-processing of my photos without having to deal with the scourge that is Windows), and about half a year later came interest in developing with Xcode, which turned around to be such an awesome and fun development environment that it turned around my apathy regarding programming and made me enjoy it enough, again, to do it in my spare time.

So these days, my weekends and evenings are, once again, spent developing cool stuff (like our Bugs 7 application or my OneSpace iPad app). Going out and shooting pictures moved a bit to the back burner. (of course, the cold Winter hasn’t helped, either ;).

In any case, today has been one of the first days of great (for February) weather here in Berlin, along with at times almost clear blue sky, and some great clouds, giving me the chance to whip out my camera and grab a few dozen nice shots for cloudporn.com, my neglected photo blog (SFW).

These images were all shot on my converted D50 and the Nikkor 70-300mm. They are all infra-red, with only really *minor* retouching (contrast, mostly) in the new [Aperture 3](http://www.apple.com/aperture). While i’m usually a [Lightroom](http://www.adobe.com/products/photoshoplightroom) guy, what i like about Aperture is that it allows me to preserve my in-camera calibrated white balance in infra-red short. (in Lightroom, it’d be impossible to get out images looking like these, except by converting to grayscale; the images you see here are *not* grayscaled).
We’ll see how it goes, but for the new decade, i’ve sworn to find more balance and get out to do more photo shooting, once again…