I’m happy to let you know that as of today, we’ve launched our new Customer Portal, available at http://portal.remobjects.com. This new portal site combines the old my.remobjects.com and beta.remobjects.com, as well as other internal resources , such as information exclusive to employees or TeamRO.

Ported over from ASP and now 100% written in Delphi Prism and Data Abstract with DA LINQ, the portal site will automatically provide every logged in user with the appropriate information – for customers this includes access to your order history, information about available renewal options, as well as of course access to licensed versions and beta releases of the products you own.

Among the the additional resources on our plan to be added over the course if this year is read-only access to the public portions of our new Bugs 7 bug tracking system, and later on support for directly logging issues yourself via a two-tiered bug submission system. For TeamRO and Suite Subscription customers, we are also planning to add a direct line to info from our Continuous Integration build system, including access to change logs and regular builds.


Please let us know what you think, and if you have any feedback about improvements or what else you would like to see on the portal.