We’ve made some tweaks to RemObjects TV and RemObjects Radio integration with the web sites, today. For one, new podcast episodes and videos will now show aggregated in the main blog feed and here on the blogs website.

We’ve also updated remobjects.com/radio from the static page it was to be driven by actual content from the podcast RSS feed, and embedded a player in the website (using the HTML5 Audio tag on Webkit, and falling back to a Flash player on IE and FireFox (the latter of which does not support mp3. An even odder choice than not supporting H.264, IMHO).

Also, remobjects.com/tv has the embedded player tweaked as well, to fall back to Flash on FireFox (as it already did on IE). As Jim mentioned in his previous post, Ogg didn’t really perform that well, and having to render two versions of the videos is a pain — with the current setup, a single H.264 version will play (and smoothly so) everywhere.