In part inspired by some of the great and positive feedback we received on Hydra at Delphi Live late last month, we have started a new marketing campaign around the product, with the simple tag line of “Why Choose!?”.

The premise is that while more and more Delphi developers are looking at .NET and trying to figure out how (and whether) to move their future development to that “new” platform, we believe it’s really not necessarily a question of using one or the other, as Hydra enabled developers to leverage both development platforms in the same product.

Hydra allows you to develop new parts of your application in .NET (be it because you want to integrate some fancy WPF based graphics or charting, or want to use advanced .NET features such as LINQ or the Parallel Framework for under-the-hood functionality), or to leverage your existing Delphi code (be it business logic, complex calculations that you would rather do in native Win32 code, or even whole portions of UI) in a new .NET based app.

Of course Hydra works together well with Delphi Prism (which you already have if you own a copy of a recent RAD Studio), and choosing Delphi Prism will allow you to write pascal code on both sides on the equation – but Hydra also allows you to use C#, Visual Basic.NET or, indeed, just about any other language for .NET (yes, even the old Delphi for .NET) to develop the managed portions of your app.

Along with the new campaign, we have revamped the Hydra product page on our website a bit, and we’ve also put up a nice 5 minute video (which will also be up on RemObjects TV’s new Channel Hydra) that gives you a quick overview of Hydra in action.

Let me know what you think! And remember: