2010 has already been a busy year for us, but we’re not stopping, yet. We got two (three, really) very exciting events coming up this November.

First, we are proud sponsors of 360|iDev, one of the premier developer conferences for iPhone and iPad, which is happening in Austin, Texas on November 7-10 (thats Sunday-Wednesday).

Not only are we sponsoring the event, but Jim McKeeth will also be presenting two great sessions, one on basic multi-tier concepts and architecture, and a second one going more hands-on with Data Abstract for Xcode. This second session will also most likely feature the first public preview of our all new Schema Modeler for Mac that Alex and myself have been busily working on over the past half year. And i’m not going pretend that these will be the (only ;-) highlight of the conference – there’s an incredible number of awesome sessions by great speakers planned, as you can see on the published schedule, including one by our good friend Kirby Turner on the Fundamentals of iPad Programming.

In addition to the session, there’s also a boat-load of other things going on, including hands-on workshops, parties (gotta have parties!), a Community App Award, and more.

i myself will be attending as well (although i’m not presenting anything), and i’m very excited to meet you there! It’s my first visit to the Lone Star state, so i’m looking forward to the trip on that front, too.

Oh, and before i forget: if you have not reserved your ticket yet (and shame on you if you have not, really), you can use “RemObjects” as discount code when signing up, to save 15% off the (already ridiculously low) cost of $599 for the event.

Second, is a pair of training events on iOS development here in germany by the Developer Experts. Daniel & Daniel have come and visited me here in Berlin for an in-depth, firehose-style training on all things new (and some old) with Data Abstract across all three of our platforms. In the middle of November, they will be passing their knowledge on in two events co-sponsored by german Macwelt magazine and RemObjects Software. These two two-day events are happening in Hamburg (November 11/12) and Munich (November 15/16).

Not enough for you? That’s fine — we got more events coming up in December and the new year. Keep watching our events page at remobjects.com/events to find out about thee events and more!

thanx for reading,