As you might already have heard about yesterday when the website went up, we haven’t had enough of conferences, yet – to the extent that we’ve partnered up with the guys over at Developer Experts to create our first own conference. DSConf Las Vegas will take place on February 8-10 at the MGM Grand in – you guessed – Las Vegas, and we hope to see many of you there.

“DSConf” is short for “Developer Solutions Conference”, and we’re trying to do something a little bit different from the regular conference circuit, here.

Most developer conferences are made up of a loose collection of talks from various speakers on various topics. While they (hopefully) provide a lot of good, interesting and intriguing content, there is no overall “theme” or consistent narrative to the conference. That’s not necessarily a bad thing – don’t get me wrong. As i’m typing this, i’m sitting in a hotel in Austin, Texas for the great 360|iDev conference that follows then traditional model, and it’s been an awesome conference so far. The same is true for a lot of successful conferences, from WWDC to PDC.

But, based on the success of some of the events that Developer Experts have already been putting on in Germany over the past year or so, we wanted to put on an event that is a little more coherent – and this is where the “Solutions” part of the conference name comes in. Developer Solutions Conferences will be centered around a specific topic, and provide a coherent set of sessions and workshops that provide attendees with a solution to that specific topic.

For DSConf Las Vegas, this topic can be roughly summarized as “Delphi Developers looking beyond the comfort zone of their familiar set of tools and exploring cross-platform and, more specifically, mobile development”. A particular focus will be set on business applications (we think there’s enough events out there on iPhone game development, already), and of course we will also touch on (but not exclusively focus on) how our own Data Abstract can figure into this picture.

The conference is a three-day event, made up of both regular “presentations”-style sessions and extensive hands-on workshops. We want attendees to have the chance to both learn about the tools and technologies we are showing, as well as to get a chance to try them out first hand, with assistance from speakers and RemObjects staff. Workshops will give attendees the opportunity to follow along to build their first app using the covered tools, as well as bring their own in-progress projects, work on them and get help and support from the team on site.

Technologies we will be covering at DSConf Las Vegas include Xcode and Delphi Prism in Visual Studio and MonoDevelop (both with a non-exclusive focus on developers familiar with or coming from a Delphi background), iPhone, Android and Windows Phone 7 development with Xcode, MonoTouch, MonoDroid and Silverlight respectively, and data access using Data Abstract.

Read more about DSConf Las Vegas at

We hope you’re as excited about DSConf as i am, and i hope to see you in Las Vegas in February!