RemObjects SDKAs part of my Thanksgiving week celebration I thought I would take a moment to look at what there is to be thankful for about RemObjects SDK.

RemObjects SDK is our longest lived product and still quite popular.  For those who don’t know, it has three primary uses:

  1. **Publishing **a web service to be consumed by others.
  2. **Consuming **a web service published by someone else.
  3. Super efficient and powerful remoting when installed on both the client and server.

The third use is really where the RemObjects SDK shines, but a lot of projects use it for only one of  the first two.  I just interviewed Nate Woolls about how he used the SDK for his Password Tote client to consume a .NET Windows Communication Foundation (WCF) SOAP service via Objective-C with Xcode on iOS for the iPhone and iPad.  For him it really put the Simple back in SOAP.

Here are a few of the features I am thankful for in RemObjects SDK.  Be sure to add your own features or comments bellow.

  1. Cross platform compatibility – This is bigger today then ever before, we want our data to be everywhere, and thanks to wire compatibility and the use of open standards the RO SDK makes it easier than ever.
  2. ROZeroConf – This is one of those features that borderlines on magic.  It allows clients to automatically discover servers on the network.  We have a free ZeroConf Browser app for the iPhone (iTunes link) you can use to discover servers as well.
  3. **HTTP **Super Channel – Just like regular HTTP, but with super powers like real time push notifications, a huge bandwidth saver, allowing the server to notify the client instead of requiring the client to poll the server.
  4. Olympia Distributed Session Management server –  Makes session management across multiple servers even easier giving your services great scalability.
  5. Service Tester – Automate the testing of your service for high load.
  6. Service Builder – A RAD design tool for modelling your service.
  7. Publishing through multiple message formats – You can easily add an additional message to your service and publish it through both a highly efficient BinMessage for consuming by your own clients, and a standard SOAP or XML-RPC message format for others to consume.

I am just scratching the surface and would love to hear what everyone else is thankful for about RemObjects SDK. Which features are  you most excited about?