On 27th January RemObjects released their first update to their Oxygene 5 products, Oxygene for .NET (aka Delphi Prism, aka Prism) and Oxygene for Java (aka Project “Cooper”).

Oxygene for .NET v5 was released as part of Embarcadero’s RAD Studio XE2 in September 2011 and Oxygene for Java was initially released in September 2011.

Both products feature a completely re-written Oxygene compiler, no longer written in C#, but written in Oxygene itself, both the .NET and Java versions sharing the same code base. The integration into Visual Studio was also entirely re-architected and re-implemented to support better future extensibility.

The January 2012 release of Oxygene cleans up a whole bunch of teething problems inevitable in a complete re-write of a product and also inevitable, in the case of Oxygene for Java, in a product targeting a whole new platform. It also introduces new features and covers a number of user requests. The change log details the plethora of updates, improvements and fixes.

If you already have Oxygene in one of its various guises and have an active subscription, then you can pull down the update from the RemObjects downloads page. The update will work out which Oxygene edition (or editions) you have and update accordingly.

If you want to try Oxygene, either for .NET, Java or both platforms, pop along and get the updated trial version.