As most of you have probably already heard, the Windows 8 Consumer Preview and the corresponding Visual Studio 11 Beta are out, available for download here and here, respectively.

I’ve spent the past few hours installing everything in fresh VMs, and the good news is that — just like we expected, of course — our current “Spring 2012” releases integrate with the new beta fine and, from initial testing, all the core functionality seems to me working:

![Installing Oxygene on Windows 8](
Oxygene projects for .NET and Java open and work fine; the RemObjects SDK and Data Abstract IDE integration is is also working fine:
[![Everything working in VS11](](
The main thing that sticks out is that our side of things stil looks “too colorful” (if that’s a thing) compared to the new bland ^H^H^H^H^H gray look that the rest of Visual Studio now employs. A lot of graphics work ahead for me, there (and TBH i’m not so sure that it’ll be a change for the better, but what can we do).

Oh, and as a teaser, you can already see the Oxygene Metro templates in the New Project dialog. Those aren’t available in the public build yet (and if they were, they probably would need some work to be adjusted to the new beta, as the entire Metro build toolchain was a bit of a messy hack in the DP. But more on that, in a later post).