I updated this slide from //Build/Windows 2011 to show where you can use RemObjects Software’s tools with the Windows 8 Platform and Tools.

Naturally, you can continue to use our tools for Delphi and .NET for desktop application development with Oxygene for .NET, Data Abstract and RemObjects SDK. If you are using Hydra, you can even combine Managed .NET and Unmanaged Delphi for the best of both worlds.  Then, with our latest JavaScript client libraries, we also have you covered in the browser.

The part that everyone is interested in is the new Metro style apps. These are the apps designed for touch on tablets and the desktop, and running in the Metro area of Windows 8. Most importantly, Metro style apps are the only ones available through the Windows Store. We got you covered for Metro, too. The latest betas of our .NET editions work with C#, VB and Oxygene for .NET to build XAML based Metro User Interfaces. Thanks to Windows 8’s new support for JavaScript based Metro apps, you can use our JavaScript client libraries for Data Abstract and RemObjects SDK to build Metro apps based on JavaScript and HTML/CSS too.

We are not in the unmanaged Metro space yet. Currently, the only tools that are supported there are Visual C and C++, which we don’t have libraries for. Hopefully in the future we will see that gap filled in one way or another.

One important thing to point out about the JavaScript client libraries is that they ship with all editions, including our Delphi editions. That means if you currently are building solutions with DA/Delphi or RO/Delphi, you can add JavaScript Metro client applications to your solution, all with the RemObjects licenses you have today. We will soon be offering DA/JavaScript as a free separate download too.

Currently, Metro support is only available in our beta builds (which are available to all users with current subscriptions). Rest assured that we will have final versions of our Metro support by the time Windows 8 ships.