With the recent Summer 2012 release we have now made Data Abstract for JavaScript available as a completely free product edition with its own installer, in addition to being included in our other platform editions (for .NET, Delphi and Xcode).

When combining this on the back-end with our Relativity Server (which is also available in a royalty-free edition that runs on Windows, Linux and Mac OS X), you now have the ability to build powerful Data Abstract-driven multi-tier projects, all with completely free tools from RemObjects Software.

Data Abstract for JavaScript is a 100% native JavaScript implementation of our client libraries, and lets you create rich standards-based web applications on top of the HTML+JS stack that runs in the web browser. It also integrates with the new Visual Studio 2012 from Microsoft to let you build HTML-based Metro applications for Windows 8 (the Free DA/JS installer comes with full IDE integration, our New Project, and everything needed to get you started).

Relativity Server is our pre-built “middle tier in a box” built on our DA/.NET framework, and lets you serve up to two independent middle-tier projects in the free edition.

Both Data Abstract for JavaScript and Relativity Server are available on our Free Downloads page.

Click thru to learn more about Data Abstract for JavaScript and Relativity Server, or watch our “Metro App Development with Data Abstract for JavaScript” video below: