I must have missed this one being announced, but registered users of XE, XE2 and XE3 products can pull down a free copy of Blaise Pascal, the magazine for all things Pascal-based.

Details are on this edn post by Tim DelChiaro and you can pull down the PDF magazine from Code Central.

The free issue, Issue 24, runs to 120 pages and has a number of articles from notable authors (such as Cary Jensen, Bob Swart and Bruno Fierens) on a variety of subjects including FireMonkey 2, Smart Mobile Studio, HTML 5, Delphi XE3 Styles, Delphi XE3 helper types, and interviews with various industry luminaries, including Marco Cantu, Mike Rozlog, marc hoffman and David I.

Also in the issue is my second article on Oxygene for Java: Supporting new android features in old android versions with Oxygene.

Download the magazine – I hope you like the contents!