Dr. Norman Morrison recently published a wonderful series of Oxygene for Java tutorials on his “Pascal Programming for Schools” site, including some on Android development. He reports that students in his school are already using Oxygene for Java for their educational projects and are very excited about building Android applications as well.

Oxygene is great to use in educational settings. It holds true to the design paradigms of Object Pascal, which make it easily readable and discoverable. It doesn’t stop there though, but extends the language with great new language features frequently found in academic languages, like Tuples, Duck Typing and Aspect Oriented programming. The fact that it supports all common platforms of today is a real plus too.

Dr. Morrison also reports using Oxygene for Java to develop for his ARM-based Raspberry Pi, and includes some examples, too.

Adding Oxygene for Java to their curriculum has really energized both the department and the students while expanding their program!