Over this past week, we've made available not one, not two, but three new builds of Data Abstract, our multi-tier database framework, and Remoting SDK, the networkling library it builds on top of.

Remoting SDK & Data Abstract 9.6 is Released

First, there's the official release of Remoting SDK & Data Abstract 9.6.

This is a medium-level release building on our RODA9 platform and last November's 9.5 release. It contains many fixes and improvements, as well as a few new features across both products and all platforms. Highlights include a library version for .NET Standard clients, support for generic complex types in Code-First servers, and more. For new users trying out the products on Delphi, this version also adds trial compatibility with the Delphi 10.3.1 update.

As always, 9.6 is a free update for all users with an active subscription, and available as a free trial.

Remoting SDK & Data Abstract 9.7 Beta

We've also shipped the first beta build for Remoting SDK & Data Abstract 9.7.

Version 9.7 is a small incremental update we are working on, planned for release sometime in April or May. It will consolidate additional bug fixes and minor enhancements, and also add support for Visual Studio 2019.

Remoting SDK & Data Abstract 10

Beyond 9.x, we have of course been making longer-term plans for the future of Remoting SDK & Data Abstract, and that is Version 10.

About a year and a half ago we switched our other major product, Elements, from a release-based product cycle to weekly updates. This has worked out really well for the product, and enabled us to ship more and better new features and improvements, more quickly.

We're now ready to take the same step with Remoting SDK & Data Abstract, as well.

Starting with this week's first build, we'll be making Remoting SDK & Data Abstract 10 builds available on a regular schedule (right now we're aiming for bi-weekly) on the Experimental or Preview channels. These builds will include new features, bug fixes and enhancements, and sometime early peeks at bigger features we have in the pipeline.

Each build will be suitable for real-life use, but every few weeks we will promote a particularly solid build to the Stable channel, for those of you who don't want to live on the cutting edge.

Features Coming up or Planned for v10

Like Elements, RODA10 will be an ongoing release that will continue to get better all the time. Below are just a few highlights we have planned for the course of 2019.

  • Support for .NET Core 3.0, Clients and Servers
  • Relativity Server 2, with plugins, more login providers, and a new admin API and web interface
  • New Grijjy-based channels for RO/Delphi
  • A modernized RODA/Cocoa
  • A cross-platform API to share RODA client code between Elements platforms more easily
  • Client support for Elements' Island platforms

and so much more...

You can find the channel downloads for Remoting SDK and Data Abstract here.

Let us know what you think!