Join me and my former colleague Jim McKeeth next Tuesday, June 8, for our webinar on using WebAssembly with Elements — with a specific focus on Oxygene and Delphi developers.

Jim and i will talk about what WebAssembly is, how it fits in the overall suite of web technologies and — most importantly, if you are a Delphi or Oxygene developer, how you can leverage your Object Pascal expertise to work with this exciting and emerging technology.

We'll look at some real-life code examples and technologies, including our code-behind support for the DOM, how to interact between JavaScript and WebAssemly, and more.

While the focus of this webinar will be on Object Pascal, the comtent will be approchable and useful for developers using any of the languages supported by Elements, and all the techniques will apply to Mercury, C#, Java or Swift, as well ??.

Register here to watch, take part in the live Q&A, and other bonuses. (A replay will be available on RemObjects TV and on our YouTube channel afterwards).