Based on user feedback, we have decided to change our licensing model for our yearly subscriptions to Elements, Remoting SDK, Data Abstract and the Suite back to fully perpetual licenses.

As you may recall, for Elements 10 and later Remoting SDK/Data Abstract 10, we changed to a true subscription model, much like that used by major industry players such as Adobe Creative Cloud or Microsoft Office 365, where an active subscription is needed the product stops working (or, in our case, had reduced usability), if not renewed. We believed (and still believe) this is where the entire industry will eventually go, but we also listened to your feedback over the past three years and we understand that many of you were not happy or comfortable with this change.

So we're rolling it back.

This means starting with this weeks' releases, licensing works as it did prior to version 10: buying a yearly license (or a renewal) gives you access to a year of free updates and after the license expires (and should you choose not to renew), you can continue using any builds shipped during the time your subscription was active, indefinitely.

Of course, we do hope you consider renewing, for access to new builds, updates, and for full support. Continued renewals are our main avenue of funding the continued development of the products.

This change-back does not affect our new(ish) monthly licensing model, which will stay on a true subscription model.

Note that this will apply only to if you have Elements .2667 or later, Remoting SDK and Data Abstract .1527 or later and/or Hydra .1283 or later, as older builds do not know/handle the new perpetual licensing type.