New features in Schema Modeler 7

As you might know, we are switching to the new Schema Modeler tool in our Data Abstract products. We wanted to make it better, handier and »

Grouping in DA LINQ

I would like to give you a preview of the next release of DataAbstract for .NET, which will provide grouping support in DA LINQ (and in »

Using DAArrayDataSource

One of the most popular UI controls to represent tabular data is the NSTableView. And today I want to talk about binding RemObjects Data Abstract tables »

Left Outer Joins in DA LINQ.

In terms of improving DA LINQ, I’m happy to announce that i have just committed improved support for the LEFT OUTER JOIN in the next »

Using NSPredicateEditor with DADataTable

Today I want to talk about NSPredicateEditor and how to use it with a DADataTable. What is NSPredicateEditor… Cocoa’s NSPredicateEditor class provides an excellent way »