Winter has come

By the time this blogpost will be published, the Winter 2013 release of Data Abstract will already become available. I feel that I should talk about »

Code Deodorant all write smelly code from time to time. Reasons are different, from ‘I’ll rewrite this code later, I »

RemObjects SDK Beginners Guide

Intro RemObjects SDK is an awesome framework. Not only because its development feeds me and my 10 cats ;) but also because it allows to efficiently create »

Remote Script Debugger

Introduction Today I’d like to write about a new technology that is currently being developed by the RemObjects team – the Remote Script Debugger. The Remote »

Summer 2012 Interim release

As I talked about in my blogpost a couple of weeks ago, there have been some breaking changes in the Windows 8 Consumer Preview and Visual »

Data Abstract and ASP.NET MVC

Introduction Recently I’ve been asked if it is possible to use two exciting technologies – Data Abstract for .NET and ASP.NET MVC – together. So I »

Custom SQL Macros

In this blogpost I’ll try to show you a not-so-well-known or widely used Data Abstract feature in action – the custom SQL macros. This feature allows »