Storyboards with Oxygene "Nougat"

A brief introduction to building Oxygene “Nougat” applications for iOS using Storyboards and Interface Builder. Storyboards provide a better approach for interface design and controlling the »

Advanced XML

Oxygene for .NET makes it easy to work with XML documents. This video shows you how to use XML Namespaces, Schemas (XSD), XML Validation, Serialization, Deserialization, »

Building an Android Torch App

Brian Long walks through the process of developing an Android Torch app using Oxygene for Java. Covers Intents, Permissions, Activities, and other features common to Android »

Fix-It, "Reloaded"

Oxygene 5.2 takes the Fix-it functionality to the next level with Fix-All and Treat Fixable Errors as Warnings. Fix-it is all about increasing your productivity »

Gendarme Code Analysis

Gendarme Code Analysis introduced in Oxygene for .NET 5.2 is integrated in Visual Studio 2012 makes it easy to detect code smells and other concerns »