Chrome Rocks!

Every new release the RemObjects team adds new features to Chrome, now Chrome turns the first option for Object Pascal programming, with many facilities that were »

Data Persistence

Persistence of objects, XML persistence, traditional persistence using relational databases who will prevail as persistence thecnology? XML seens a nice idea considering some factors, but in »

Chrome tests in Mono

After some weeks and helping Carlo, we finally got Chrome working again under Mono, sometimes the Mono team do some changes in CLR that breaks the »

Working as freelancer

If someone in our community needs someone that can do any kind of Chrome programming, let me know, i here to help this guys! Otherwise i’ »

Mono presentation in Rio

At 11 August i showed a presentation about Mono in Rio to some .NET cell guys, i talked about Chrome and many other languages that can »

What works under Mono

There are many features and languages for .NET that are currently working under Mono, since SWF to ASP.NET 2.0 and generics. We can include »

A simple Chrome webservice

This is a simple webservice that works in .NET and Mono too! <%@ WebService Language="Chrome" Codebehind="TestServicePAS.asmx.pas" Class="WebServiceTests.TestServicePAS" %> namespace WebServiceTests; interface »

Programming troubles

There are sometimes when you need to stop the work otherwise you will be crazy, now the reason is a complicated Java solution, yeah, Java, this »

Beyond of Persistence

The are somethings in programming world that needs a lot of persistence, sometimes we can lost the patience, but in the end we will have a »

Chrome and Mono news

Yeah! It’s me! I’ll post some things about Chrome and Mono here. Webservices examples, User Controls and simples pages written in Chrome! »